About Dr. McCarthy

About Lise McCarthy, PT, DPT, GCS

Dr. Lise McCarthy, PT is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Geriatric Physical Therapy. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor (volunteer faculty) in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science Department at UCSF. In 2014, she founded the Cognitive and Mental Health Special Interest Group (CMHSIG) of the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy (AGPT); for her “exceptional service and commitment” as CMHSIG Chair, she received the AGPT President’s award in 2018. She is one of only a few physical therapy doctors who are specialists in geriatrics and dementiacare in the Bay Area.

She is the original author of the Dementia Work Group’s Dementia Quality Measure: “Pain Assessment and Follow-Up for Patients with Dementia” which was adopted by the American Academy of Neurology and the American Psychiatric Association. See article link here:

She collaborated on the video “Safe at Home” which was made possible by Family Caregiver Alliance and a generous grant from the Pat Summitt Foundation:

Lise (Scandinavian spelling of Lisa) evaluates and treats adults of all ages with a wide variety of medical conditions, but she has a special interest in working with older adults especially those with cognitive deficits, increased frailty and/or a high risk of falling. She is the physical therapist of choice for many case managers, conservators, social workers, medical professionals, individuals and family members with issues of concern, such as physical decline, mobility limitations, fall prevention, home safety and equipment needs. As a consultant, she also helps convalescent hospitals, assisted-living facilities and long-term care homes develop or improve their wellness programs, and restorative nursing care.

Additional information about her work and interests can be found in her resume here: CV 2018